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About me

Hello and welcome

My name is Nina Špolar but my friends call me Nini. I very much enjoy creating pieces that are connected to the bigger picture aka Greater Reality or imaginary and fairy-like worlds. I live in Slovenia and am lucky to be able to have daily walks in the beautiful nature where I get my inspiration from.

Being a Reiki Master, Atlantean Healer and Traversing The Frequencies graduate who also occasionally reads Tarot I know I infuse my works with good energies. This means that anyone being in contact with my creations will in some way benefit from them.

I love these Picasso quotes as they talk about things that we tend to forget:

"Everything you can imagine is real."


"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Keeping the child-like curiosity is something I wish to pass on in my work just as much as the good vibrations that are connected to it. I hope you will see and feel what I feel and that you will benefit from it for a long time.

I occasionally write about my current projects and share tutorials on my blog. I whioleheartedly invite you to subscribe to it so that we can stay in touch.

I post more on Instagram where I have three accounts:

- overall view: @Nina_Spolar_Nini

- felted items only: @felt_by_nini

- paintings and fine art: @Nina_Spolar_art

I also post some process videos on my YouTube channel. My current project is making an energy healing art piece once a week (on Sundays) that gets sent to all of my Nini's Healing Art Messages subscribers on Monday to lift their energies during the week. If you'd like to receive it please subscribe at this link.

I will be happy to connect with you in any of these places as I love meeting new people and getting to know them. Especially the kind that believe in magic! :)

I also accept commissions so if there's anything I can do for you, contact me and we shall discuss your needs. Custom made Healing Message Art Cards can be a perfect gift should you need one - just saying ;)

Thank you ever so much for your visit. Hope to have you back too ;)

Wishing you a lovely and magical day every day! :)