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Beyond Words IV

Beyond Words IV

Dangle earrings that capture mysterious snippets from altered old book pages. Completely unique and one of a kind.

Approximate measures:
• glass dome: 18 mm
• round base: 20 mm
• total length (including hook): 32 mm
• weight per one: 4 grams

Using acrylics, glitter, paint pens, pencils, whatever really, I create mixed media papers that I then incorporate into my earrings. Each pair is completely one of a kind and can't be reproduced. Metal base is colored with vintage brass-y color and has a lever in the back (French clip). My hand colored paper is then covered with glass cabochon and attached to the metal base. Please remove them before taking a shower, bath or swim, they are NOT waterproof.

• each pair comes in a sturdy box (as pictured) so can be passed on as a gift straight away
• please note that earrings are not waterproof so please remove them before taking a shower or before you go to swim, they are truly delicate even if they don't seem to be
• all my earrings are made by me and I put a lot of love into each piece
• please note that colors vary from one display (monitor) to the other but they do look very lovely if I may say so myself :)
• if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to message me, I am here for you ♥