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Nini's Mixed Media Sketchbook/Art Jurnal - White Gesso

Nini's Mixed Media Sketchbook/Art Jurnal - White Gesso

This unique, one of a kind journal/sketchbook is bound to take you on an adventure. Its hand torn pages have already been white gesso-ed for you with lovely Liquitex professional gesso and are just waiting to accept all sorts of art mediums.

This is a perfect gift for every type of artist or journaler.

Paper itself is thicker recycled kraft paper which has an interesting ribbed texture on one side and is smooth and almost shiny on the other. Since it has already been primed with a few overlapping thin layers of gesso you can start with your art project right away. Or just experiment with your favourite art supplies and enjoy being inspired by shapes that have formed in the layers of gesso.

There are 60 pages in this hard cover, hand bound, book. And a lot of magic!

Every page is unique as I apply gesso on each page by hand. I bind these books with red waxed thread. The cover also has a thin layer of gesso on it so that it can be drawn/painted on and thus personalized.

Note before: as every book is unique your book will look different than the one pictured. Thank you for loving the surprise that comes with these pages :)

Size of the page is app. 19 x 18,5 cm about 7 ½ x 7 ¼ inch
Size of the book: 20,5 x 19,5 cm about 8 x 7 ¾ inch

The book comes wrapped in a sturdy cardboard box as pictured. I can include a written note in your name if you wish to send it to someone else as a gift. Just let me know about it.

May this book bring you hours of art making or writing joy!