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Healing Art Message - 13 x 18 cm - free shipping

Healing Art Message - 13 x 18 cm - free shipping

Allow me to receive and channel an art message just for you and put it on paper. I will connect to Spirit and receive an image or the colors you need at the moment and that will support you. Having art on the wall that is at the same time healing and supportive, makes a huge difference. Even the room's atmosphere will change for the better (I've seen others notice it too).

I use watercolors, acrylics, graphite or even mixed media to make these messages and I have no idea what I will be called to use for your card. You can of course ask for a specific medium and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

Art I have pictured here is just one small sample from the images I have already made. I'm using 13 x 18 cm sized paper for these messages as they fit nicely in standard Ikea frames with a mat above them that gives them space to "breathe". Use 21 x 30 cm sized frame for the best effect.

This size is the most cost effective option I have available.

Your card will be securely protected before I send it on its journey to you.

Postage includes priority air mail with tracking. Once it's out of my hands I sadly can not do anything to speed up the delivery process but I am sure you will get your message when the time is just right.

Please note, that due to this item being completely custom made, I can not accept returns or issue refunds.